Colin Kaepernick and Ben & Jerry’s group for brand spanking new ice cream taste “To counter systemic oppression and cease police violence”

Roommate, what happens when Colin Kaepernick and Ben & Jerry get together? Well, the result will be a brand new ice cream flavor that is not only healthy but also socially relevant and created to bring about change for POC. It has just been announced that Colin is getting its own vegan Ben & Jerry flavor destined for a worthy and timely cause.

@CNN reports that progressive ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s recently announced their new vegan ice cream flavor, Change The Whirled, which was created to celebrate.[Colin] Kaepernick’s courageous work to counter systemic oppression and stop police violence against blacks and browns. “Change The Whirled” will hit the freezers in 2021 and will be made from dairy-free, caramel-free sunflower butter and fudge chips with graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies. “Ben & Jerry’s believes Kaepernick is the best of us, ready to use its power and platform in the pursuit of justice and justice is rooted in a commitment to love and resistance,” the company said in a statement.

According to Ben & Jerry’s, Colin Kaepernick’s share of the proceeds from ice cream sales will be used to support the work of his organization “Know Your Rights”, which teaches black and brown children how to deal with police interactions. The organization also wants to “promote the liberation and welfare of its communities through” education, self-empowerment and mass mobilization, “according to the organization’s website.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Colin said he was “honored”:

“Your commitment to challenging the anti-black roots of policing in the US shows a major concern for the well-being of black and brown communities. I hope this partnership reinforces the need to disappoint and get rid of the police and invest in futures that can make us safer, healthier and genuinely free. “

As you will recall, Colin Kaepernick has not played football since his contract with the San Francisco 49ers ended after the 2016 regular season. In 2018 he was the focus of the “Just Do It” advertising campaign for Nike’s 30th anniversary. In addition, he settled a lawsuit with the NFL last year over alleged collusion to keep him out of the league.

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