Clare Crawley clears her standing after calling Dale Moss, her husband

Has Clare Crawley and Dale Moss tie the knot? This is what fans asked themselves after the former Bachelorette had called her captain her “husband”.

In a video posted to Instagram Stories on December 10, Clare said, “Nothing makes me happier than shopping with my husband.” But don’t send a wedding present just yet. Clare quickly made it clear that the two of them hadn’t tied the knot. “Slip of the tongue!” She wrote on the social network. “We are not married!”

While Clare and Dale didn’t say “I do,” their fans probably wouldn’t have been surprised if they did. Viewers watched their whirlwind romance unfold in season 16 of The Bachelorette. The hairdresser left the show after breaking up with her other suitors and accepting a suggestion from the former soccer player Tayshia Adams to take over the rose distribution obligations.

“The way he makes me feel is literally like rays of sunshine from my heart, into the world,” said Clare Chris Harrison during a seated interview. “And I know that sounds so stupid, but I can only feel it to the core. And whether it took a day or 10 days or two weeks or two years, this man makes me happy.”

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