Calls develop for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be investigated for Capitol assault

The House is increasingly urged to investigate MP Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as to her possible role in the attack on the Capitol.

The Democratic Campaigns Committee said in a statement to PoliticusUSA: “Greene has to make some serious statements after it became known that one of her closest allies, Anthony Aguero, was one of the insurgents who broke into the US Capitol to do so try overthrow American democracy. Greene and Aguero go way back and have worked closely together on right-wing matters for years. Aguero has even joined Greene in previous pro-Trump rallies. “

MP Greene is already under investigation by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for her possible role in attempting to overthrow the government. However, the investigation into home ethics carries a particular danger as, depending on the findings and recommendations of the investigation, it could play a role in setting the stage for their removal and eviction from the home.

DCCC spokesman Chris Hayden said: “House Republican conspiracy chairman Marjorie Taylor Greene has again been linked to extremist activity, and this time it is a direct link to the uprising that killed five Americans – including a police officer who was killed on duty. It is clear Kevin McCarthy will not hold Greene accountable, which is why the Ethics Committee must open an investigation and Rep. Greene must disclose all communications with Anthony Aguero before, during, and after the January 6 insurrection for the American people to do so can learn the truth about Greene’s commitment. “

Minority Leader McCarthy won’t do anything about Greene for being a Trump favorite and he still entertains fantasies of winning a majority in the House next year, but Greene’s potential role in attacking the overthrow of the government is a politically ticking one Time Bomb If it finally explodes, it has the potential to defeat McCarthy, Greene, and the entire House Republican caucus.

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