Blueface artist Chrisean Rock explains why she hasn’t repaired her tooth (unique particulars)

We’re pretty sure many of you were hired when Blueface started their Blue Girls Club a few months ago. Blueface and the young ladies he selected as candidates definitely caught everyone’s attention with all of the viral moments created when they were in his house. One young lady who caught the eye was Chrisean Rock, whom he eventually signed as the first female artist on his label.

In the house of the “Blue Girls Club” things got a little crazy, which eventually led to Chrisean losing a tooth. Months later, as she resumed her music career, many people have wondered if she intended to have her tooth repaired.

Chrisean exclusively let us know that she intends to have her tooth repaired. However, she postponed the entire process because she wasn’t looking forward to the entire process. She said, “Blueface paid for everything for my permanent replacement. I just have to screw it in my mouth so I honestly hesitate. “That means the ball is in her field and she will have it repaired when she is ready.

As we previously reported, Blueface surprised Chrisean on Tuesday with a $ 19,000 Benjamin Franklin Diamond pendant and shared the moment with his followers.

Last month Chrisean released the music video for their first single “Lonely” with Blueface. The video now has over 1,290,700 views on YouTube.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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