Biden sticks one other nail within the GOP’s coffin whereas signing the stimulus

President Biden made it clear that the stimulus bill had overwhelming support from both parties when the bill was signed.

Video from President Biden:

President Biden signs the historic American bailout plan, saying the bill is the first step in rebuilding America’s backbone.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 11, 2021

Biden said:

In the weeks that this bill has been debated and debated, it is clear that an overwhelming percentage of Americans, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans have made this clear – the people out here have made it clear that they strongly support the American bailout plan. Yesterday, with the final approval of the plan and the House of Representatives, their voices were heard and reflected by everything we had on that bill. And I think it is, and so do most people. Historical legislation aimed at rebuilding the backbone of this country. Giving people who built the country a chance to fight. I will have a lot more to say about it tonight and in the days ahead.

But in the meantime, I’ll sign this bill and do the presentation tonight. Then there are many opportunities along the way not only to talk about what I am talking about, but also about the impact on the virus and how to end this pandemic. If I could talk about all the elements of the bill, Friday, Saturday and all week.

President Biden is not giving up on Republicans. It is no accident that the first thing he said was that the legislation was supported by both parties. Biden unites the rest of the country and leaves the 30% who support Donald Trump to an isolated marginal minority.

So popular is Biden’s handling of pandemics that Trump is trying to honor it, but President Biden is reshaping the American majority, putting another nail in the Republican Party’s coffin with every promotion of bipartisanism.

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