Biden restores the POW / MIA flag within the White Home that Trump put down

Donald Trump removed the POW / MIA flag from the top of the White House, but Joe Biden restored it to its public display to honor veterinarians.


President Biden is restoring the POW / MIA flag to its former location over the White House after Trump removed it from the public eye last year.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 9, 2021

Public Relations Secretary Jen Psaki announced, “Consistent with the President and First Lady’s commitment to honor the sacrifices of all servants, including veterans, their families, carers and survivors, the President and First Lady have restored the captivity of war / MIA flag their original location on top of the White House residence. “

Trump took the flag from above the White House residence and relocated it to an out-of-public location on the South Lawn.

Reuters reported in September 2020: “A decision by the Trump administration earlier this year to move the flag from a prominent position on the White House to a less visible location on the South Lawn in honor of missing war veterans has angered some veterans and lawmakers, who see it is disrespectful and possibly illegal. “

Joe Biden has restored respect for American veterans to the White House. After four years of Trump’s disregard, President and First Lady Biden prominently and publicly honor veterans.

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