Biden has simply crushed up Trump and GOP swindlers in entrance of the world at NATO

President Biden didn’t pull any blows when he told the world that the Republican Party was outnumbered and called on them to support Trump and his false populism.

Video by Biden describing the state of the Republican Party to the world:

Biden reassures the world: “The Republican Party has fallen sharply in numbers, the Republican Party leadership is fragmented, and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it constitutes a significant minority of the American people. “

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 14, 2021

When asked if leaders were unsure about American stability after the 1/6 attack, President Biden said, “I think they have seen things that shocked and surprised them that it should have happened may, but I think they like me, believe that the American people will not maintain such behavior. And that’s why I want – you know, I don’t want to go into statistics, because that old Disraeli phrase, there are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics. But I think it’s fair to say that the Republican Party has declined sharply in numbers, the Republican Party’s leadership is fragmented, and the Trump wing of the party makes up most of the party, but it makes a significant minority of Americans out of people . “

A little later, Biden called Trump a fake populist:

President Biden calls Trump a fake populist and urges Senate Republicans to promote this fake populism if they know better.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 14, 2021

The president said, “I think – it is a shock and a surprise that what happened regarding the aftermath of President Trump’s false populism has happened. And it’s disappointing that so many of my Senate Republican colleagues whom I know better have been through times like this in American history. Where there has been this reluctance to risk your re-election due to the nature of your party’s politics at the moment. I think this will pass. I don’t mean over easily. That is why it is so important that I am successful with my agenda. “

After the 1/6 attack, part of President Biden’s job is to reassure the world that America is in stable hands and can be trusted to be at the top.

It is rare for a president to use the global stage to directly repudiate the opposition party’s activities, but America has never had an incumbent president who launched an attack on the US government to overturn an election.

President Biden is telling the world that Trump Republicans do not represent the majority of the American people.

Biden called out Trump’s false populism, the Republican Enablers, and the domestic terrorist cell that is the backbone of the GOP.

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