Bah, humbug! Worst Christmas Films Ever

From ho-ho-ho to no-no-no.

We are here E! love the holidays. The time spent with family. The seasonal drinks. The twinkling lights. The food. And of course the Christmas films. There is nothing we love more than a leisurely Sunday evening watching Hallmark’s latest cheesy but irresistible television movie with a steaming cup of hot cocoa. (We have the evidence: we rated all of the 2020 deals. Yes, all 39.)

But while we love each other a merry Christmas offer, that doesn’t mean we don’t have standards; We can tell the difference between a gift from a Christmas movie (think classics like Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and Elf, as well as a relative newcomer like Netflix’s charming Let It Snow) and a piece of coal that makes us colder than the chilly temperatures outside.

Not every seasonal outing can turn into an annual event like Love Actually or The Santa Clause, with some destined to land at the end of Netflix’s Christmas suggestion roll.

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