Anderson Cooper jokes his son Wyatt has “significantly better” style in meals

Anderson Cooper7 month old son Wyatt Morgan is already a gourmet.

The CNN journalist told the Food Network Ida garden on the show Full Circle that Wyatt, who was born as a replacement earlier this year, is more open to new foods than his father.

Anderson joked, “I have a palate of 5 years, but apparently a 7 month old has a much better palate.”

Wyatt’s favorite cuisine is full of vegetables.

“He eats pumpkin and broccoli and cauliflower puree and pea puree, which I wouldn’t eat as a kid,” said Anderson. “And I’m so grateful that it is him.”

Anderson isn’t just a picky eater, however: he doesn’t like food. In 2018, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he preferred to drink Soylent, a meal replacement drink, rather than sit down for a meal.

“I don’t care about food,” he told the point of sale. “So I try to replace all the food with [Soylent] because it would be about three decisions less in one day. “

While the 53-year-old may have or overlook a good meal, being a father is one thing he is passionate about.

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