Akon is reportedly securing land in Uganda to construct a second futuristic metropolis

A global pandemic didn’t stop Akon from making money in the motherland. On Monday, Revolt reported that the artist secured land in a second African country to build a futuristic city. The new property has been approved by the Ugandan government and measures one square mile. There are no details yet on what the city will cost to build or what amenities will be included, but it is expected to be ready by 2036.

Roomies, the artist turned businessman, doesn’t miss the opportunity to literally collect his coins. He plans to run the future city with his currency, AKoin.

When Uganda’s NBS Television asked Akon if the average Ugandan could afford the city amenities, Akon urged the public to believe in themselves.

“I know if I put it there they will find a way to afford it because it will motivate them,” Akon said. “But ultimately, when you create an opportunity, people grow with that opportunity, people learn with that opportunity, people are motivated with that opportunity.”

VIDEO: Akon answers a question about whether Ugandans can afford services in Akon City.

Akon is slated to build the futuristic city in Uganda by 2036 after the government agreed to give him 1 square mile of land. #NBSUpdates pic.twitter.com/YDqqQ9cZhg

– NBS Television (@nbstv) April 5, 2021

As you may recall, Akon shared the news in January 2020 that he had signed a contract with his native Senegal to build Akon City on their land. He has published the signed agreement on his Instagram account. The title of the article read: “I have just signed the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. I look forward to hosting you there in the future. “

The Senegalese city of Akon will cost approximately $ 6 billion to build and will also use AKoin to fund its economy. Complex reported that the city will include a Hamptons Hospital campus, Hamptons Mall, school, law enforcement agency, waste disposal services, parks, stadiums, and other recreational facilities.

Construction of the original Akon City is slated to begin this year and will be completed in three years, according to Complex.

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