911 Audio linked to YFN Lucci’s arrest has been launched

YFN Lucci has officially reported to Roomies and is currently in custody in Fulton County Jail. As we previously reported, Atlanta Police were looking for him for his alleged involvement in the murder of 28-year-old James Adams.

New details have emerged in the murder after TMZ received the audio of the 911 call that led to the arrest warrant for the murder of Lucci. The woman on the line described to authorities that a man was taking his last breath after being thrown from a moving vehicle.

The Atlanta woman called last month and said she saw a white SUV speeding by “with a man who hates getting out of the car”. She told the writers that the man was then pushed into the street and discovered that he had been shot in the head.

“This man was just taking his last breath,” she said. “We were walking down the street and someone was rolling down the street while a man was hanging out of the car. They just pushed him out of the truck and pronounced him dead. “

She also stated that she had not seen any of the people in the vehicle, including Lucci, and that authorities had not released details of how he was allegedly involved.

YFN Lucci is charged with, among other things, murderous murder, aggravated assault, participating in criminal street gang activities, and possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

Two other suspects, 23-year-old Ra’von Body and 17-year-old Leroy Pitts, have already been arrested in connection with the murder.

We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses, Roomies.

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