22 former Republican congressmen are calling for Trump to be impeached

Nearly two dozen former House and Senate Republicans have teamed up to call on the House of Representatives to indict Trump and ban him from serving in the federal office.

The former members of Congress wrote in a letter:

There is no excuse or defense for a President of the United States to actively orchestrate an insurrection in a separate but equal branch of government. Surely the founders would get sick from the thought of such actions. As a member of the attacked branch – not only politically but also physically – you must remove the president from office. Congress needs to send a strong and clear message, not only to this president but also to future presidents, that this type of behavior will not be tolerated or accepted. Franky, the message must also be made clear to the American people that there is no place in politics for political violence.

While President Trump is due to step down on January 20, Congress should continue to stand up for itself and the Constitution. Knowing the president will be stepping down in less than two weeks shouldn’t be an excuse not to indict. In fact, the House of Representatives could indict President Trump even after he leaves office.5 This could help prevent him from serving in any other federal electoral or nomination office.

The movement to indict Trump is focused on ensuring that the man who started an insurrection against the people of the United States can never hold office again. It doesn’t matter when the Senate trial takes place. The only thing that matters is that Donald Trump is indicted, tried, convicted, and never allowed to hold federal office again.

Trump supporters threaten and plan to attack the Capitol again. January 6th was just the beginning. An important component in eliminating the domestic threat is ensuring that its leader can never return to power.

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